Organizers – the best shoe storage ideas

Organizers - the best shoe storage ideas

A lot of us keep our shoes in front of the door, creating a huge pile of them and showing ourselves as sloppy housekeepers. No one likes to do it and feel this way, but we continue to act wrong. Solution exists! Here are 5 inventive and smart shoe storage ideas for all budgets that will bring some order in your closet.

1. Over the door. This type of shoe organizers is very popular and can be found in different materials and colors. The most widely-spread are organizers of plastic, fabric and cloth as well as hybrids of them. They usually come as shoe bags able to enclose of 1-3 pairs of shoes. More pairs will load the door and will noticeably visually reduce space. One more style is grid and the main advantage of it is capability of storing more pairs of shoes. Before buying this shoe organizer you need to know that you may have some difficulties while opening the door.

2. Racks for shoes. With the help of shoe racks you can easily liberate the floor in the closet from an enormous pile of shoes. You have a choice to buy precious metal, practical plastic or expensive wooden support. You can hang it anywhere you want.

3. Cubby. This type of shoe organizers allows us to store them reasonably, in a big square hole. The majority of people use it near the front door to take the shoes off while entering the house. They can be not only cast metal, but also wood.

4. Under bed. This type of shoe organization is successfully used by lots of people who use the space otherwise and conserve it. To buy this shoe organizer is a good idea that permits to store shoes in the best way. They usually come with a handle in order to pull this storage easily in and out.

5. Benches. The most elegant and functional type of shoe storage ideas that come as beautiful and useful decoration. Users sit on the bench that is full of cabins and racks to take the shoes on or off. Undoubtedly, this is the best choice for those happy people who can boast of great free space and area in their houses, including closet.

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