Planning a Big Girl Bedroom Ideas


Wow, It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged – I really enjoyed Erika’s last post about her favorite Christmas gifts, but we need some fresh inspiration now that the holidays are over.

I’ve been researching and looking at a lot of home decor trends for my job but there’s a fun personal project I wanted to share and that is my daughter’s big girl room! There is nothing more fun to me than planning a room makeover and even though it will be a year or more before I implement these changes I figured, hey, it’s never too early to start thinking and discussing decor!

As I’m sure many of you have been, I’ve been totally inspired by Pinterest lately! It’s re-energized my love for trend research to such a high degree, it’s almost overwhelming, and addictive, as I’ve heard others describe.

I started a board this year about Amelia’s big girl bedroom ideas and I wanted to share a few of the images. I love knowing that this board will always be here for me to add to in the future and I love even more how everything is shared with everyone so quickly! It’s just a big design love fest! (happens to be the namesake of one of my favorite bloggers, check her out! Bri Emery).

Now, onto the visual smorgesborg that is Amelia’s future room, the images speak for themselves. We will start with the bed, I want an antique iron bed, the 2nd one happens to be the exact color as her dresser:

Planning a big girl room








The cool thing is you can see everything together on one board on Pinterest, and links back to where the images came from on the web!

More Pinterest inspiration to come… What are you pinning?


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