Oceanfront Property in Roundtop, TX

One of the most prevalent trends while at Roundtop was the coastal theme. There were shells, corals, and maritime things galore. Since I hail from the land of plenty coast (Florida), I especially loved this trend. I think it is so understated and lovely when done the right way!

Oceanfront Property in Roundtop, TXI was moved by the colors in the glass and corals they were amazing.

Oceanfront Property in Roundtop, TXThis booth was nothing but beautiful corals and shell, love.

Oceanfront Property in Roundtop, TXThis table scape, I die.

Oceanfront Property in Roundtop, TXBeautiful, and tasteful sideboard.Oceanfront Property in Roundtop, TXLOVE, LOVE, LOVE this maritime wall hanging featuring all of the nautical knots.

After going to Roundtop and looking over the retailers new spring and summer lines, I think sealife is definitely in. When done tastefully and elegantly as the booths did last week, I think this is something every home should have a taste of. Now I off to my beloved coastline for the weekend…. See you next week with more Roundtop loves and adventures!

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