Current Design Trends To Make Your Home Appear Modern


Designers and architects are constantly experimenting with colors and designs. They often come up with ideas, which they proclaim to be trendy, but you as a client, are left in a dilemma whether to accept them or not. Here we will discuss six of the latest trends. Some of them are of course timeless. They were in vogue several decades back, maybe in fashion today, and will remain a favorite for many years. Though they adorned homes several years back, they are termed as trendy today.

One of the items, which are a part of the home design trend of 2008, is a deer antler. Once a very common feature, seen in pictures or old Hunting Lodges, is now appearing in the home décor design circuit of 2007. It appears in several forms, be it natural or plastic moulded. It comes in the shape of table lamp, coffee table legs etc. Now it is up to you to decide whether you want to ignore the trend or adapt it this year. It may remain in your rooms or be sent back to the forest where it actually belongs.

Now Brown has slowly creeped in place of black as a trendy color. But can brown really replace black by just by calling it ‘trendy black’. It may happen that its dullness will fade the gleam in the Home Designer’s eyes in 2008.

Accent walls are another new trend, which is catching on. Individual walls are painted in contrast shades to create a visual effect. Though it looks vibrant but wrong shades will make it look funky or put you in league with the 70s Flower Child. It is up to you to decide. My view is that it will stay as we have a trend to do something outlandish to show we are different from others.

Animal Prints have been splashing on every conceivable surface. You may go off to sleep nestled on a flock of birds perched on your pillow. Or the drapes in your room may make you feel that you have walked into an aviary or zoo. I thought they were a hit with the young children. But I will feel it will change in 2008.

Colors on the walls are a new area of experimentation. It seems that stark white walls have lost their brilliance. Maybe the upkeep cost of white walls has put the idea of opting for coloured walls. Vibrant colors are competing with pastel shades. Even exterior paints are coming with promises of better durability and anti fading properties.

Geometric shapes were predominant in Muslim Architecture and carpets. They were vastly admired for adhering to symmetry. Now we see even designers like Jonathan Adler coming with geometric designs in his collection of new furniture and rugs. Being tutored in geometry in our schooldays, we always appreciate the sense of symmetry. It is a part of our everyday life.

All constructions follow a geometric design. We do not like to live in house with irregular corners. Our eyes always look for a regular shape as it brings a sense of order and control. So geometric designs are time lasting and will stay. Now you decide

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