Decorative bathroom mirrors and mirror designing tips


The first thing you think of when you talk about decor bathroom mirror is ‘style’.  However, it is still surprising to learn, that leave alone décor, even for the purposes of functional use, people often ten to forget bout mirrors in the bathroom.

While decorating a bathroom with the mirrors could look confusing at first when you view your large number of options, such as floor mirrors, bathroom wall mirrors, bathroom mirror cabinet or simply mirror for bathroom, a little bit of planning would easily sort things out for you. Here are a few suggestions you could keep in mind:

The first things that you have to consider are your requirements, and the mirror viewing space. Factors such as lightening, mirror placing (such as on the vanity, etc), the area around the mirror’s edge, and as already said the mirror viewing space are all extremely important to be borne in mind. Once you get these ideas clear, you can check your options:

The first tip is to etch the mirror. Though it is great idea since you can now stop worrying about the lightening, etc. However, be careful before you do anything since it is a permanent work. All you require is the cream, paintbrush, knife and a contact paper, suitable for etching. Decide and then trace your pattern. You can use lots of imagination and props. Make a sort of a stencil with the contact paper and cut out your design. Apply your etching cream as per the given directions. Get the contact paper removed, and you will have your customized mirror ready, that hardy cost you much money and effort!

A dull flat mirror or an oval wall mirror maybe dressed up using a frame, depending on the look you want. Get the dimensions measured and calculate the area you have, while keeping in mind factors like the lightening, the mounting surface, etc. If you get the frame custom made, it might take up anything between hours to months to get made.

After you get the frame put it around the mirror, (you may require help for holding this in place), and place it with a fitting nail.  You may cover those nail heads later for a better finish. In case you are using lumber in the rough-cut form, follow the same process, as per your suitability. For those who are lucky enough to have lots of space along the mirror area, shutters can be used for a more glamorous look.

Another way to dress up your bathroom is by using curtains that are easier to use than mirrors. You can try all kinds of look like the floral look for the light feel, or the heavy fabric use for a rich feel. The choices and ideas are unlimited, just bear in mind that the fabric would require lots of laundry (after getting moisture laden), so it should be easily washable.

So make sure to use these tips and brighten up your bathroom, to brighten up moods around your house!


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