Golf home decor ideas for a kid’s room


There is probably no child who does not like having a themed room. For them it is fun and exciting and something to show off to their friends proudly! If your child is a golf fan, then there would be no better way of treating him rather than by getting him a room designed along the line of his favorite sport!


In a kid’s golf décor room, the floor is one of the most important features; it can go a long way in creating the right look got the room. Therefore, select the carpeting well. Oft for something in the dark green color, with a lose weave, it is important to make sure that the carpet is soft and comfortable besides also looking like the golf course. Use brown rugs of patches on this carpet for resembling the sand traps. For water hazards, use medium colored blue shades. Do this well, to create a realistic look.


As for the golf wall décor you have a number of options to choose from. You cam design the walls like spots of sands, green hills, water, trees etc. Painting small flags at intervals is another nice idea. You can consider patting the upper wall section with pale blue shades to look like the sky. The rest of the wall can be designed in any of the ides already discussed or a combination of the. However, if you are not feeling daring enough to go around painting the walls with a paintbrush in your hand, go for the safe and convenient option of wallpapers. You cam even try using a combination of two or more wall paper designs that suit the room theme. Another idea is to use a combination of wall papers as well as the wall murals for the golf decorating, ask your kid what he wants, before you take any major decision.


The bedding of the golf decor room is easy to style and select. Though green bedding is the most obvious choice, if you can manage having a bed in the style of a golf cart, nothing like it! You can cover this bed with a canopy, and get pillows in matching shapes and designs, so as to resemble the insides of the cart. The back of this cart can be most conveniently used for storing away the bedding, seasonal clothes, or those toys.


Similarly with a bit of imagination you can try converting other pieces of furniture too to match with the golf decorations. For instance, the trash bin could resemble the large cups used for attaching the number flags. And if you start getting out of ideas, you always have the option of getting stuff in the room painted with pictures of a golf course!


You can even get the pictures and posters of your kid’s favorite golf players adorn the walls. You can even create life sized pictures of these sports stars on the walls for decorations for golf. The small light bulbs in the room can be designed to resemble the golf balls.

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