Ideas on how to create a unique pink toile crib bedding room


For a toile room one of the best options generally is a room that is not put to too much use. Though you can have a toile baby room, toile living room, toile dining room, the best option would perhaps be a guest room.


Toile fabrics first originated in France and Ireland, and remain synonymous with the times of Louis XVI, when Chippendale furniture was in vogue. Though they are available today in a number of color combinations, the favored toile colors remain cream and white as the background, with colors like black, white, blue and red for the details. You can purchase them in various different themes, such as flowers, animals, angels, etc.  You can thus have a toile fabric for all kinds of room themes. For instance, a Waverly garden room toile could have fabrics in prints of picnic scenes, etc.


Many times people fancy trying out fabrics that look elegant and extremely classy. However, as many would agree, the intricate details possess the threat of overwhelming the room. Once again, for such toile decorating situations the best place is a room like the guest room that needs to look good, but is rarely used.


To decorate a toile bedroom you can start with crating a mural ion your bedroom walls. Though a little daring for many people designing a toile room, if it is done well a mural on the walls can look absolutely delightful. A convenient replacement of this would be using the wallpapers in toile designs. You can even try having toile fabrics for a wall or a section of your room wall, to complete the look without as much effort. On the remaining walls, if you feel like it, you can paint designs matching with these wallpaper deigns or the toile fabric. However, in case you are certain about painting your own mural, you can trace out the design on a transparency paper and then use this for painting the mural design. Use the same piece of paper for the same design that you trace out again and again as this could help in maintaining uniformity in the patterns. Trace the borders properly and fill them up with colors of your own choice. For the perfect toile decorating make sure that the background colors you opt for are neutral shades.


Once through with the walls, you can move on to the windows of the room. Opt for such a pattern that goes well with the décor of the walls. The best idea is to use the same fabric as used before for the decoration of the window treatments as well s the cornice boards.


For bedding you can add a bit of variation to the everyday looks, by using a reversible duvet, with one side having the accent fabric, and the other with your toile patters. For blankets, sheets pillows and bed skirt use matching or appropriate fabrics.


Make your furniture and flooring elegant and classy, without abusing your selected toile pattern.

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