Inexpensive Dollar Store Decorating For You


Decorating home does not necessarily have to be a severe pocket pinch for you. Modest and simple surroundings can be glamorized with the right home decorating accessories, such as the ones from the dollar store decorating. Though these stores can be seen all over the country, if you can select your decorative items appropriately, nobody would know they are actually from the inexpensive dollar stores.

Some items to watch out for are:

Dollar store power room and kitchen hand towels– If you are unable to find towels to match your decorations, just make sure you keep checking into the store regularly, and you are certain to find them in a couple of weeks.

• Candles in all shapes and sizes can be availed here. Even the plain candles can be dressed in embellishments and raffia, or designs can be pressed onto the candle pillar. On the other hand, for the expensive candles, that look stunning but have burnt down wicks, you can get inexpensive votive candles to insert wick to bring get their life back. Occasionally, you can even get lovely candle holders here.

• Dollar stores always have readily available wall hangings. You can even buy the most preferred kitchen and bathroom choice i.e., the pictures, so that they can be done away with without any feelings of guilt when they get moisture damaged.

• You can also avail wallpaper cutouts and wallpaper borders here.Make sure you hit a dollar store before you check into any of the other expensive stores. In case you feel that the dollar store choices are limited, you can try using a bit of imagination too, to select the right stuff for home decoration.

• Home organizing stuff like hooks and towel racks and hooks are also available here. Keep checking out these items since without being organized no home can appear well designed. Other such organizing items include liners of drawer shelf, contact papers, under-bed organizers for shoes and organizers for closet doors.

• At the dollar store you can get good decorative items as well, like some angel figurines that could glamorize your home or complete your existing collections. Mix and match the expensive and the inexpensive stuff to add to your collection, while maintaining the ‘rich’ look. Check out the saucers, teacups, wall hanging plates, and other embellishments.

Check out the dollar stores for the occasional seasonal decors too.They have stuff for all occasions starting from Easter, Christmas, to 4th of July and to Halloween. Early season shopping should fetch you stuff for less than a dollar.

• Dollar store has exterior-home items too. These include wreaths, door mats, garden décor articles, etc to beautify the entry to your home.

However, one factor you must bear in mind is that dollar store often sells items that could actually be purchased for less at other places. So be aware and alert of the item’s regular prices, and the marker conditions, before making your purchase at dollar store decorating.

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