Learn how to decorate a plain lamp shade


With just a dash of creativity and a bit of art work, you can easily turn an old or a discount lamp shade purchased from a lamp shade factory or a lamp shade shop into one of the most exquisite pieces of your home furniture! For some do-it- yourself tricks, read ahead.

For lamp shade decoration you require:

  1. A plain lamp shade preferably a white lamp shade
  2. Some fabric glue
  3. Some decorative items, like paint, stencils, artificial flowers, ribbons, shells, etc. this would depend on the kind of design you want, ranging from pagoda lamp shade to rose lamp shade to a sports lamp shade.
  4. A hole-puncher

You can collect other stuff too, depending on your preferred lamp shade look.

Once you are done with collecting your stuff, you are ready to start decorating! Here is how you go about with it:

– First remove your lampshade form your lamp and set it on a suitable workspace, like kitchen tables.

Sit down and decide what you want it to look like. Consider the room theme, etc. You can use any of these ideas, or you can combine them together.

–  line up your lampshade borders and sides with glue and carefully stick some decorative stuff on it. These could range from anything starting form ribbons to rhinestones. Do it neatly and select quality stuff in good color combination.

– Punch some shapes with the hole-puncher on the lampshade. For instance, to make a flower, you could punch out a section to make it the center of the flower. However, do not punch too many holes, since this may render the lampshade useless.

– You can punch holes around the top, bottom and the borders, and run a ribbon through them. Another cute idea is to hang little ornaments or charms to dangle from these holes. They look extremely pretty and never fail to make an impression! You can keep changing your dangles form time to time, especially as you change the room themes. Good way to give the lamp a makeover and stay amused too!

– You can even fill up these holes with tiny artificial flowers or wreaths, in patterns of hearts, etc.

–  Another great thing to do is trace designs using stencils and coloring them in shaded formats of in bold styles. You can even give them a textured look.

– Sewing buttons in cluster shapes or simply in a scattered for is another way to make it look unique.

You can use some other ideas too, along similar or different line of options. It does not matter what kind of a lampshade you have. It could be in any style or size starting from something as petite as a 4” lamp shade to a lamp shade of 12” to a 16” lamp shade or a 18” lamp shade to even a 20” lamp shade. All you need is a bit of craftwork and imagination to reflect your taste and style!

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