Adding Feng Shui to modern interior design


Feng Shui gives you the key to unlock the room filled with happiness and prosperity of your life. By following the simplest tips of this Chinese philosophy, one can achieve a prosperous and healthy life. Feng Shui brings a change in your life by affecting the energy flow in and around your house. To know the details of Feng Shui home decoration one should know what each elements signifies in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui design:
The first step to Feng Shui your room is to design an architectural layout of your house. In case it is not available, then you can just go for a draft made by yourself, marking the directions and positions of doors, windows, etc. Remember, each home has particular location for finance, family, health, etc.

Feng Shui door:
A Feng Shui room should never have doors placed directly opposite to each other. This would lead to whole of the energy entering the room from one door to flow out from the other. However if such a condition prevails then it can be corrected in accordance with the Feng Shui home decorations by placing a plant and a rug in certain angle, in between the doors to obstruct the flow between them.

Feng Shui interior design:
For bringing in more energy to your life, let lights come in by drawing out the curtains and by placing green plants to encourage more Yang inside. Wind chimes, music, water, air; bright colors should also be added.
Feng Shui home experts suggest you to install an indoor water fountain to make your dreams and goals come true! The water attracts all that you wish.

Feng Shui home color:
The Feng Shui experts suggest that Feng Shui living room should never have the color red. Red represents the element of fire; hence it should be avoided as much as possible. Red should also be avoided in the wealth areas; as it brings unnecessary pressure, tension and work load in life.

Feng Shui home interior:
The Feng Shui designers suggest you to clean up the southwest corner of your room and place objects made of terracotta, china clay, porcelain in pairs there. This area brings happiness and stability to a relationship.

Feng Shui your dining room:
According to Feng Shui norms, the dining table should be round in shape, which brings in the heavenly bliss. There should be even number of chairs which are comfortable to sit on. The room should be simple in design, such that the attention from food is not distracted.

A Feng Shui apartment should never have exposed beams, for it creates downward energy flow. However, if they are present then they can be hidden by a false ceiling, or by applying similar color of the ceiling on them.

Feng Shui your bedroom:

The door should not directly face the bedroom. Moreover, mirrors by the side or in the opposite of the bed should be avoided. This brings a third person’s interference in a relationship.

Follow these basic Feng Shui rules and see wealth and happiness flow into your house.

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