Decorative table lamps

Decorative table lamps

Decorative table lamps are effective and extremely elegant things to have to provide lightening to a number of areas. Many people like having them for reading, writing and television watching lighting. Before you make your purchase of a table lamp, you must first decide what you require.

One of the most striking kinds of table lamps are the ones in Tiffany style(inspired by the stain-glass artist, L.C Tiffany). For those who may not know, Tiffany was greatly admired for his exquisite murals in glass leads as well as his table lamps that were colored in beautiful bright shades. A typical Tiffany lamp is marked by a base in bronze shades with shades (generally made of lead) showing intricate designing that is separated with black lines. In a tiffany style lighting the shades are usually made of glasses. They come in vibrant rainbow colors. Typically these lamps are mot meant for rooms that are highly modern. They are best suited for homes with fireplaces, molding-walls, with hard wooden floorings.

Another popular category is the contemporary style that is typically a form of antique lighting, including various styles. The base maybe oval, square, etc, supported with shades in interesting shapes. They maybe made of any material, including everything from a brass table lamp to a ceramic table lamp. Their popularity lies in their variety of choices, so that the one to go best with the room décor can be opted for.

Lying between the contemporary table lamps and the Tiffany lamps are the art and craft or the mission style lamps. It basically came up as a fight against the fussy Victorian styles, so that the designers could resort to plain lines and could do away with the endless accessories. Typically they have bases of bronze and straight lines, with shades of glass in brown having geometric patterns. These lamps go best in a room décor that has lots of clean straight lines and has plenty of wood.

However, if none of these thrill you, check out the Victorian lamps. As the name itself suggests they are styled according to the theme in tune with the times of the Queen Victoria, of England, who reigned over most of the 19thcentury. It is especially known for its intricate work and detailed work of art running throughout the lamp. The bases often have curves with flower designs, or representing human or animal figures, with the shades being equally elaborate and beautifully designed. Many of these lamps are also available in hand painted soft pastel shades. The shade of the lamp could be made out of fabric, styled in close pleats, crystal beads, etc. These lamps go best at homes that are built in the older fashion or in rooms not requiring too much light

Regardless of whether you like the antique table lamps or the modern table lamps, or hanging lamps, fun lamps, ceiling lamps, your choices are unlimited. Make sure you do your investigation well, to suit your personal needs and style.

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