Feng shui furniture arrangement for feng shui rooms


Feng shui is fast becoming popular and there is no doubt about the fact that is the latest ‘in’ thing you can hope to have. They have been known to have helped a lot of people bring good luck to their lives and turn things around for the better. If you believe in this ancient art too, are looking forward to decorating a small living room or decorating living rooms or simply want to decorating living rooms with the feng shui layout then here are some suggestions for you.


Before you start with feng shui arrangement for feng shui bedrooms you must get rid of all kinds of clutter. In feng shui, there is nothing that is considered worse than clutter lying around. It is said to prevent peace of mind and relaxation, and also supposed to create lots of bad vibes.


The basic idea of feng shui is that energy keeps flowing through the universe, and the better thus energy flows around in your surroundings, the more beneficial it would be for you. Therefore your furniture feng shui placement of furniture should be such that the room feels spacious all the time, and remains a place where air can move about freely, without any unwanted obstructions.


The best sport of a furniture arrangement is the one where the seating does not involve facing the wall. Seating arrangements should always be an open facing arrangement, so that you feel lighter and more comfortable. The best way to position a bed in the room is such that neither is it in the direct line of the door, not does it hamper the view of the entrance. The rest of the furniture could be arranged in a circular form.


Having exposed light beams in the room is also not favorable. They should especially be avoided when they are falling on beds. Also you neither should nor place heavy furniture at the head of the bed or anywhere where it could cause discomfort. Try to avoid having too many heavy electronics in the room too, since these are not considered good in the bedrooms.  Try not to have too many wires around as well. Keep the room space free and feeling light to promote relaxation, harmony and good sleep.


Feng shui is fast picking up, and it can be seen almost everywhere these days, starting from homes, to workplaces, to shopping malls, etc. If you are serious about getting feng shui furniture and feng shui furniture placement with the right feng shui position at your home, then you can even make your purchases form stores that offer feng shui assistance. Keep things simple at your home, and use the right colors. Make yes that the place feels comfortable and placement, so that it promotes good feeling and positive energy. However, no matter what you do, make sure to do it with lots of positive thoughts in your mind. There is nothing that can beat the influence of that!

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