Getting the right wall paper for kitchen


When it comes to kitchen décor, the right kitchen wall paper can go a long way in decorating as well as setting the right atmosphere in the kitchen. Your selection is ultimately a matter of your own style, depending on the kind of the person you are, as in formal, fun, cozy, luxurious, etc.

If you wish to get truly unique wallpaper, the best thing to start with is by combining the wallpapers you choose to select. For instance trying out two or more well color coordinated wallpapers in the same room is a fabulous idea, however, if you are one of the really adventurous kinds, you might like to, try out shades in complete contrast too. For the kitchen wall paper ideas you can even try using wallpapers in realistic looking kitchen designs. For instance, a wall paper with a shelf drawn on it could look great, especially if it looks absolutely real.


In case you are bored with the same old monotonous wall papers, you can even have your wall papers tell a story, or simply talk about your hospitality. Country kitchen wall paper looks good too. Cut out words and pictures on your walls papers, talking about your kitchen or simply welcoming your guess asking them to get comfortable and settle down. Remember it is your kitchen and you have the choice of making your own rules! Do away with the old way of putting up a dull kitchen wall paper border right from the ceiling to floor on your wall. Dress it up with a bit of spice and s how it uplifts your mood. Cut out the wall paper in sections and make a puzzle or a collage out of it. You can also roll over large sections of other kitchen wall papers prints to get a unique look. Try creating optical illusion to keep you amused in the kitchen for ages! Just with a bit of investment and a dash of creativity you can create a look that your visitors are sure not to forget easily.

However, make sure that you do not end up using wall papers on the room borders, since they are never to be wall papered. Apart from the kitchen wall paper borders, you can also use lots of exclusive design ideas for you kitchen. Using a stencil, or by just free hand drawing, you can design mark out the areas where you would like to have the wallpapers. If you are a good painter, painting directly on the walls is also a great idea, for the more personalized touch and lots of fun! You also have the option of painting instead on canvas strips and then painting them to the wall using wall paper paste. The best part of this is that you can get them removed easily, anytime you find yourself getting bored of the same old look!

Other tips are to use stamps or to rub designs on the wall for a unique look. Whatever you do just stay creative and turn your kitchen into a place that is truly one of a kind!

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