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A beautiful home and a lovely home garden is just an ultimate wish for any home owner. If you are also planning to start a small home garden, just consider some points in mind and go ahead.

The first and foremost feature that comes in designing the home garden is the selection of the site. An area near your entrance door or just outside the window of your much loved place is ideal, as the sight of this beautiful landscape will remain in front of your vision. Thus, inspires you for a better home garden décor. Once the site is selected, check out what plants can be grown there. The growth of plants and flowers vary with the exposure to sun, wind and water. For shaded areas, there are different plants. Once the evaluation of the site is over, get ready to lay your home garden.

  • Bergenia (Bergenia Cordifolia) – The perennial garden plant

  • Bellflowers (Campanula) as a plant in your garden – is it a good option?

  • The Begonia (Begoniaceae) plants

  • Bee Balm – and all about the plant

  • Bearded Iris : All that you need to know

  • Double Peonies: “The Sugar coated pride of Japan”

Apart from wind, water and sun, soil is the most important element for your home garden. It is very important to perform the soil analysis, as it tells the pH count of the soil. The presence of acid or alkaline in the soil has to be in specific in order to provide essential nutrients to the plants. Though major plants require neutral pH balance, but for some plants it has to be of specific count. Even the texture of the soil can also be checked with the help of the regional Cooperative extension office or the local nurseries. No matter what kind of texture the soil, its richness can be enhanced by supplementing natural materials like compost.

Now, it’s time to get ready for the plant beds. Any kind of grass or weeds has to be removed before the plantation. Fall is said to be the best time for plowing. The existing grass or any vegetation should be removed or entirely suppressed and the ground is leveled with the use of a sharp and even spade. Tilling of the ground is a difficult task and furthermore, it is always associated with the loss of top soil.

  • Balloon flower (Chinese Bellflower) as your next garden plant

  • Astilbe (Astilbe Arendsii) as a garden plant option

  • Aruncus (Aruncus Dioicus) – as your garden flower plant

  • Artemisia, Woodworm (Artemisia) – A plant review

  • Acanthus (Bear’s Breeches) Acanthus mollis, A. Spinosus-the complete plant information

  • Geranium : “ A plant that is a must for every garden”

If the top soil of your ground is of good quality, don’t till it. In fact, grow your garden above it. For that you just need to work a little more. Cover the ground with a broad layer of sheets of paper or newspapers, make it wet completely and then pour good soil over it. After some time, the layer of paper will decay, and the weeds and sod will also be checked. By good soil, I don’t mean that you actually have to add anything to the soil. It refers to the nutrient quality that exists in the soil. Good soil doesn’t give chance to weeds to grow more.

The next step in building the home garden is to choose what you should grow. Here you have to exercise a little. The size of the garden also matters, as some plants take lot of space and time to grow. If you are building a home garden kitchen, then the plantation of your favorite vegetables is recommended or such vegetables which you don’t get fresh. Go for vegetables that give long harvesting even in small home garden. Flowers can also be grown in your home garden. For that you have to choose the flowers that can be grown easily in the soil of your home garden. You can also take help of home and garden information center, as they can guide you what combination of flowers can grow well in your home garden. For small home garden, two to three varieties of flowers are recommended.

  • Sneeze Weed: “The Bright Cheerful Perennial”

  • Peonies – “The Emperors Flowers”

  • Hibiscus – “Plant that blooms all year round”

  • Gardenias : “The Evergreen Shrub”

  • Forsythias : “Useful ingredient of many life saving drugs”

  • Foxglove Digitalis : “ The poisonous Finger Plant.”

  • Hydrangea :” Plant which is neighbors Envy owners pride”

Planting is another important feature of building a home garden. Planting is best done on a calm and dark day. It is very important to water the plants a day before when you plan to plant them in your garden. Remove one plant at time and then plant in your garden. Never remove plants altogether, as their roots will get dry in sun. Sow the plant at the same depth, as it was in the pot. Fixing the plant very deep or very high would damage the plant. Pressing the plant hard while fixing it, should be avoided. Watering is very important for plants. During hot dry summers, plants require more water. Generally, the plants droop during the afternoon.

  • English Ivy:” The Invasive carpet “

  • Lilacs : “Top Ranked flowering plant”

  • Oleander : “The poisonous plant”

  • Ornamental grasses : “Creator of Beautiful Landscapes”

  • Phlox : “ A Miraculous Plant “

Mulching of a garden is very important, as it has number of benefits for healthy plantation. It is associated with the conservation of water in soil, restraining the growth of weeds and keeping the soil cool. The quality of soil can be enhanced with the use of organic mulches. Plastic mulches are good to be used in vegetable garden during the summer season, as they keep the soil warm required for the seasonal crops. Mulch should be applied immediately after the sowing of the plants; else the weeds would start growing. A broad layer of mulch around 4-inches is appropriate. But make sure it doesn’t pile around the stem of the plant.

  • Epimedium : The pride of Japan.

  • Planting Daylilies “Beauty for the Day”

  • Creeping Jenny: The Coin shaped Plant.

  • Crape Myrtle Trees & Gardening Care

  • Japanese Aucuba: “The Gold dusted plant”

  • Lily-of-the-Valley: “Symbol of sweetness and Purity and happiness”

Labeling of the plants and keeping their records is as important as watering the plants. This will enable you to decide easily what to do when the plant seems to grow inadequately. You can easily remember which plant didn’t grow well and which flower has grown to the blossom. You can also keep track of all important information beginning from the plantation to the growth of the plants.

Maintenance of the home garden is very essential. Adequate watering and time to time weeding is necessary. Deadheading of flowers and harvesting of vegetables at a young stage enhance the growth of the plants. If any of your favorite plant doesn’t work well. Remove it and fill the space with your another favorite plant.

  • Plumeria : “ The plant with a difference”

  • Primrose : “A Plant with healing Properties”

What else! Your home garden is ready. Have a look and enjoy the beautiful landscape that you have created with your efforts by pulling and pruning every weed. Plants and flowers are just like small kids. Tender and delicate! They just spread love and happiness!

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