How to make a slip cover that looks good and fits well?!


A custom made loveseat slip cover is a great way to give it a new look.

Often these sofa and loveseat slip covers are simply a piece of cloth draped over the furniture. Though this concept may appeal to you, it is still suggested that you get the slipcovers for loveseat or the sofa loveseat slip cover sewn up in several pieces all together, so that not only does it look good, but also tends to stay put on the furniture, when somebody sits on the loveseat slip covers.

Usually all kinds of fabrics, of medium weight, tend to make good love seat slip covers. The thin covers, unlike covers like leather loveseat sleeper, do not stay properly held up on the furniture piece. Also, they are not too adept at hiding the flaws like spots, rips etc.

Also slip covers loveseat are made by gathering fabric bunches. Therefore, making slipcover loveseat with heavy fabrics is not a good idea either, as the look it would render would make the whole appearance clumsy and it would fail to drape properly as well. Medium weight fabrics are thus usually the best option, and depending on the fabric quality, they usually tend to make the loveseat slipcovers cheap as compared to the heavy textured fabrics.

To make slip covers for loveseat, start with taking the measurements. It is best that you take measurements for your love seat slip cover by first sketching the design of the loveseat on a piece of paper and then taking the measurements down on it, to know exactly which section of the slipcovers loveseat would need to measure what. This would help to avoid confusion and any mistake, when you start making your slip covers loveseats.

Start taking your measurements for the slip covers, by starting with the main section,. Begin from the back, starting at the floor. Once done with that you can proceed to measuring the armrests. Measure it properly, and if you want your loveseat covers to adjust well on the furniture. Generally it is suggested that you recheck your measurements twice over before proceeding with the next step. Ask somebody to help you hold the measuring tape while you take your measurements. This will ensure greater accuracy.

In case you are unsure about the measurements, you could stitch up a rough piece of cloth first and check how it fits. If it fits well, you know you are ready for the final step, and in case it does not, re-stitch it making adequate changes. You can even use pins to pin up the pieces of the cloth for measurement check.

Once done with the slip covers you are ready for the cushions. Trace the cushion shapes and cut out the fabric pieces accordingly. Whatever you do, just make sure you do it with concentration and patience, to get the best possible results. After all who dose not want to have a beautifully dressed up loveseat for their home d├ęcor?!

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