Mobile Home Repair And Remodeling


Home will always remain ‘sweet home’ whether site built or mobile. Building or remodeling it can be very challenging. It has to retain the same warmth and comfort. At a very low cost and with a little bit of creativity and artistry you can engage in mobile home repairs and make it comfortable. Of course you have to add all the appliances, gadgets, shelves, furniture you had always thought of adding while on the move.

Mobile Home construction requires meticulous planning. First, the budget. Provisions for add-on and last minute items have to be made. Mobile home loans can be availed to tide away this problem. Mountainside financing is one company you can contact

Mobile home improvement requires thought about the colour scheme. By adding a new colour you can make it livelier and brighter. However it is prudent to avoid repainting wooden panels, as they do not adhere well. So wallpapers are best. You may choose from a wide variety of patterns and theme to maintain continuity from room to room.

Contractors and manufacturers of mobile homes use very cheap materials for the floor resulting in cracks and holes. However you can repair these defects with a few tools and repair kits.

Remove the carpet carefully. In case of linoleum just tear it away till you are able to access the damaged portion. Replace the section with proper plywood. The entire process of repairing can take several days depending on the number of helping hands at your disposal. You will have to remove all the furniture.

First thing to consider during mobile home repairs is safety. Try to flatten all protruding nails on the board. If needed you can pry them out. Next try to locate all the anchoring. A comprehensive tool kit is indispensable at this stage. After repairing the floor with proper partitions, relay the carpet. Stretching, cutting a fitting a carpet is not the easiest thing. Avoid creeps. Once this is done next comes the installation of the furniture and appliances. First tackle the appliances, which requires and fixtures like plumbing and electrical connections. Avoid crimps and kinks in the lines. Also take care to install removable panels to access the plumbing and electrical lines. Cooking Range Hoods, with easy installation kits require little bit of patience. Once essential things like toilets and other things are installed, you can now take your time to decorate to your choice or leave it on the family to tackle it while enjoy your drink.

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