Oversized Room and Oversized Home Decor


Though having a huge room is surely a mater of joy, decorating such a room can be quite a challenge. Getting a cozy look here, to make it more fit for rest and relaxation needs a lot of planning and smart decoration tactics. Here are some useful tips for such rooms:

Opt for simplicity: it is not mandatory to fill up a large room with all kinds of stiffs. Useless knickknacks like computer systems, exercise machines do not make it cozy. Buy the right stuff in bigger sizes, and keep things simple.

No wall huddling: in a large room it is smarter not to huddle your bed and every piece of furniture against the wall. A bed for instance can be kept by the window or at the centre when there is no lack of space.  Use the available space to the most, and leave out the side of the furniture, to avoid the clustered look, while using up more of the available space. Having canopy beds, folding screens, round tables, etc, are good ideas, since not only do that look good and different from the usual stuff, they also utilize the much available space well, so that the room looks fuller and it does not appear either empty or as if you have forced too much into the space that you had readily available.

Divide the room: divide the room area into different zones, like dressing, lunging, sleeping. You can separate the room for better privacy as well, using screens etc, to block out the view of a segment of the room you do not wish to make very noticeable. However, if you do not wish to divide your room in such an obvious way, simply huddle the furniture of one zone together, and divide the place in the obvious looking way. The dressers can be arranged in one corner together, while the lounging area could be on the other side of the room with all it lounge furniture in place.

Super size everything- a big room needs oversized furniture. So buyoversized beds, add bed steps etc. Instead of bed side tables, get 2-3 drawers along the bed sides, to make them appear like a set of night tables. These drawers can in fact help to do away with the occasional clutter on the bed as well. You can even have a low dresser minus its mirror at the foot of your bed. A footlocker is a great thing for storing away all your spare bedding. At the foot of the bed you can also try having a hydraulic system based television. Instead of traditional dressers, get oversized bedroom furniture in form of spacious cabinets and wall units for your large room.

Make use of the shape: if your room has an odd shape, use to your advantage! In an L shaped room you could separate out your dressing area conveniently, or in a T shaped room you could place your bed at the nook.

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