Retro Bedroom Design Ideas


The first thing that would come to anybody’s mind thinking of the word ‘retro’ is the style which was all about being hippy and showing free love. The retro style has truly left the time behind and remains of the favorites even today, especially when it comes to home décor. Here are some ideas of the free style of the retro that you can use at your home for the chic look:

Walls in retro bedroom styles: for the retro wall concentrate of what you hang on the walls instead of worrying about the wall colors. Bold flower printed fabrics should be just right.

Fabrics in retro bedroom décor: for retro platform bedroom or beds, bold printed sheets are the best options. Go for bed covers in blocked prints and fun colors.

Retro bedroom decorations flooring: For the true retro look go for flooring in tile in two colors sets, built in check board patterns, with lots of rugs thrown about on the floor.

Retro bedroom accessories: get accessories in the Andy Warhol style. Hawaiian tikis, and lava lamps are other typical retro stuff. Also try using as much of glass and mirror as you can. Having a disco ball that is mirrored for reflecting lights is also a great idea.

Whatever you do, just keep in mind the style of the retro fashion days. Try and keep up with the clean cuts but experiment with all kinds of bold colors in retro bedroom designs and patterns that are an absolute must.

Retro bedroom decorating walls: get the room painted in two toned designs such as beige at the top with a brown colored bottom.

Fabrics: through the retro age, the floral designs were a must Therefore, whatever you do; do not miss on this pattern. Add as many colors you might like to have on that color palate, for exciting looking curtains and bed covers.

Flooring and carpets: shrug carpets look marvelous with retro bedroom furniture walls. Opt for the same shades as selected for other stuff. Buying area rugs is a smart option since shag carpets do not last too long anyway.

However, if you are not the kind who likes wild colors, then stick to the retro of the 1980’s that had style in a little more subdued fashion. The patterns and the colors, though had the same freestyle feel, got a bit neater and soft.

Walls during the 1980’s: As the neutral and the white colors returned, you can get the room colored in whites and pastels, perhaps using the white gloss shades.

Fabrics of the 1980’s retro bedroom sets: the best options are the pastel shades in floral styles as before, though in softer form. For bedrooms in a more masculine taste, go for argyle patterns and classic stripes.

Flooring for the retro bedrooms: get shorter and colorful carpets in green, blues, and pinks.

Retro Kids bedroom accessories: Glass figurines for adults and stuffed animals for the kids are the right choice. Photographs and posters are good options too.

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