Retro Furniture Buying Guide


Retro furniture has a rich historical background which is interesting as well as illuminating. Beginning from the 50’s retro furniture and spanning till date there has been dramatic changes in the concept of furniture making.

Some famous architects have revolutionized furniture manufacturing with the introduction of steel tubular designs in modern retro furniture to G-plant and other such developments. The 1950’s retro furniture classics have left their indelible impression and are still popular today.

The retro style furniture of the 50’s is back and is currently in vogue. Prior to purchasing the classic retro furniture it would be interesting to know about the history behind their evolution. Luminaries who have shaped the story of retro modern classics are Ellen Gray, Joseph Hoffman, Le Corbusier, Charles Ray Eames, George Nelson, Harry Bartoia, Marcel Breuer and others.

Ellen Gray was the pioneer behind the concept of modern retro furniture and the development of steel tubular furniture. She was a designer par excellence. Her affordable retro furniture had a stamp of individuality which later inspired the development of designer retro furniture by the Art Deco School.

Joseph Hoffman, Austrian town planner and architect was nick named ‘Quadrilateral Hoffman’ owing to his obsession with geometric forms in furniture. His introduction of retro living room furniture and retro furniture sofa in geometric shapes is widely acclaimed by designers.

Le Corbusier, Swiss born architect is renowned for his visionary furniture. His concept of retro salon furniture and retro antique furniture is now dominating modern lifestyles.

Charles Ray Eames along with his wife has started the line of retro funky furniture of the 20th.century with designs in mesh and metal which has attained world wide appreciation.

George Nelson a visionary architect of rare talent has designed the first L shaped desk and other retro office furniture, a fore runner to the modern work station. His graphic wall clock, bubble lamps had a futuristic feel and ideally suited as retro dining furniture.

Harry Bartoia, Italian designer introduced the retro contemporary furniture. His futuristic concept in furniture design has inspired modern architects. The patented Diamond chair is still considered a unique piece.

Its robust quality on a light and petite frame makes it a huge commercial success and is largely used in retro patio furniture and retro outdoor furniture. In furniture making Harry Bartoia was the pioneer in utilizing wire mesh.

Miles Van de Roha, is famous for his visionary ‘Barcelona chair’, a piece of intricate craftsmanship. The retro leather furniture and the retro dining furniture conceptualized by him have attained world wide acclaim.

Since the 50’s till the current period the retro furniture has been influenced by the designers of U.S.A. and Europe. The popularity and availability of cheap retro furniture has opened many options in retro themes and materials. Such type is found in retro bedroom furniture and retro children furniture. Manufacturers offer discount retro furniture at retro furniture dealers and retro furniture stores. It is the creativity of home owners to team the modern and retro furniture into a delightful fusion.

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