Rules of feng shui and how to feng shui a bedroom


Feng shui is a traditional Chinese art that aims at creating a harmonious living environment. It is based on the idea that everything that surrounds you has an energy, that connects itself with your emotions and feelings, and that your physical environment can greatly affect your life. In the end of the day, feng shui is all about creating an environment that has a positive effect on our minds and keeps us feeling pleasant.


Though feng shui can be applied at various places indoors as well as outdoors, feng shui for the bedroom is the most important kinds. This is for the simple reason that an average individual spends over one third of his or her life in his or her bedroom. It is the personal space of a human being, where one tends to relax, thinks about things, and escape form stuff like work pressure, noise and basically everything else that does not please him. Simply put, it is the place, where a person seeks peace. If you can well feng shui the bedroom, you can have positive energy flowing all round. Here are some feng shui bedroom rules and feng shui bedroom tips to get you the right feng shui bedroom layout.


To start with, the doorway, the feng shui rules state that the door must be opening at least till 90 degrees properly. This promotes luck and opportunities entering ones life. Also, what is known as the ‘greeter’ is an important consideration. This idea revolves around having a nice picture, furniture etc, at the first point one tends to notice on entering the room. For the feng shui bedroom colors, relaxing shades are more preferable than the stimulating colors. So opt for soft feng shui colors for bedrooms.


The bed should be in such a position that one can see the door from there. However, the feet must not be in any direct alignment with it while sleeping. Also in feng shui bedrooms it is better to avoid having sharp objects such as the mirror at the foot of the bed. A mirror placed along the side or at an angle with the bed, is however acceptable. In feng shui for bedrooms, it is also important that the bed does not have any direct bean of light falling on it, since this is supposed to promote oppression.


For bedroom feng shui having an attached bathroom, it is suggested to have the bathroom door closed while sleeping, since an open bathroom door is supposed to disturb the mind during subconscious sleep.


Eliminating the clutter is also important. Remove stuff that you never use, such as clothes that you did not wear since one year. Also, keep work related items and too many electronics and wires away from the bedroom.


To promote love, you can use the useful feng shui your bedroom symbols of hearts and flowers. Also try having small items of décor in pairs in a feng shui for bedroom.

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