Sofa buying guide: How to buy a sofa? And where to buy sofa?


These days there are a number of options available for all sorts of items that make shopping very tough. As you go sofa buying, you would realize the same holds true for sofas as well. Therefore, before going out to buy a sofa make sure you have prepared a checklist on what you really need. Here are some points and quality factors to be borne in mind:

Sofas at home tend to have more traffic than the living room itself. Therefore, before you make your final purchase of the sofa make sure that you have tried sitting on it for a minimum of 30 minutes, along with the family members to ensure that everybody truly finds it comfortable enough. Check every nook and corner of the furniture piece you pick up for fabric runs and snags. Good quality pieces must ensure you of the store’s trustworthiness. Select stain resistant fabrics, with soft patterns, instead of solid colored prints (since stains can be reflected on them more easily). Enquire if you could get a cloth swath, and check it as you may please, you might like to select hide-a-bed type sofa, if you regularly have overnight guests.

Formal living room sofas: qualities to watch out for making the right impression

A living room sofa is meant for providing comfortable seating to the guest and making a good impression of the overall room. Make sure that the sofa you opt for goes with the room décor, and is comfortable enough, like with the support to the lower back, etc. the height of the sofa must be appropriate too, ensuring sitting and getting up without discomfort. Getting to the stores with a picture of the sofa-corner in the room may help you take a better decision. You can hold it against the cloth swath to match the color and pattern. Since formal living rooms are the first impression of the home to your visitors, opt for impressively styled solid batting sofas. Do not rely completely on the cushions to make an impression on the outsiders, as they may not always work as well as the solid batting sets.

Other General considerations:

As you make your purchase, ensure that you have adequately practiced lifting the sofa the way you would life it generally while cleaning it. Hide-a-bed sofas can be quite heavy though. Check its frame well to ensure that it has been well constructed. Also enquire about the warranties. For families with dogs and kids, the best sofa to buy would be one without removable pillows, to avoid the instances of regular tearing, missing and cleaning needs. Many stores provide living room sets that include with the sofas, matching chairs and love seats, if you have a higher budget and are in no mood to shop for the pieces individually. A clear mind regarding what you need and can have could make it fun for you to buy sofas!

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