Unique ideas for decorating the home with colors in style!


Though one great thing about the technology these days is that you can get any color you desire, the task can be confusing and tedious too. However, just a bit of enthusiasm and creativity is all you really need to get your home out of the crutches of boring color tones and get it something refreshingly new!


To start with, get your own ideas clear regarding what you want the room to look like. It could be anything, warm, festive, cozy, fun, traditionally, classy, etc.


For decorating with color you need to select your shades favoring to the look you want.

To get the right look. It is best to study and understand the color theory a bit. The basics are of the two kinds, i.e. primary and secondary. When you check the color wheel you will realize that there are some colors that are complete opposites of each other, like red and green, orange and blue, etc, keep these ideas in mind, while judging the combination of shades to opt for.


The safest options for while decorating with color are the neutral shades, like grays and brown. This is because they tend to match with almost all kinds of colors.


For color selection, you can even check out the booklets published by paint companies. They always have lots of god ideas and tips too. Though seriously leafing through them to learn about colors could get somewhat tiresome for you.


To learn the most basic and useful tip for a unique color combination, shift form the usual monochromatic schemes. Though they are safe to use, the problem with them is that they are way too common. Experiment boldly with the contrasting shades instead! For instance, if the color of the furniture is while, opt for brown colored walls.


While subdued shades are generally for the adult rooms, bright colors are great for kid’s rooms. In a kid’s room you can try all kinds of crazy contrasts too. The rooms of the youngsters could be colored in anything ranging from bright to cold colors. You could experiment within a combination of warm and cool colors too.


To get a very clear idea regarding what color combinations would match your style, you can pick up color samples. These are easily available at hardware stores. Use these color samples to see how they go with the rest of the room décor and find out how the shades appear in the room lightening. Mix and match the color in different combinations and schemes to get the professional look.


In case you are looking forward to being a little different form the others, enquire about colors that are a few shades darker or lighter than the ones on samples. Nevertheless, the fact remains that these days your color options are impossibly large, so whatever you do, chances are you are going to be different in at least some way or the other from the rest of the crowd!

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