Using decorative furniture hardware for the new look

decorative furniture

A room is often defined the most by its accessories. Needless to say, therefore, that an ideal way to decorate the room is by using the right reproduction furniture hardware, that is also a lot more economical than replacing the entire set of the room furniture. Here are five useful tips of how you can use hardware to give your room a makeover.

The Handles from furniture hardware supply

Changing the old handles of the doors, with the new ones is a good idea. You have lots of options to choose form here, for example you can get ornate brass style handles with chrome handles, if they go with the overall lf of the house and the furniture hardware. Not only do they look rich and stylish, they can go a long way in accessorizing your furniture and giving it a new look. A nice pair of handles can get your eyes glued to them, making them the centre of attraction, so select them well. Opt for something that can catch the light of the room and reflect it dramatically, screaming ‘style’!

Furniture hardware knobs

Get a new set of knobs to work wonders for your room décor. Though changing them could sometimes be cumbersome. They are surely worth the effort you put into changing them. While the handmade ones are pretty expensive if they fit into your budget you could think of getting them. Glass doorknobs are classy too. However, make sure they go with the look of the doors and the windows and the overall room structure. The right color is important.

Furniture hardware pulls and lampshades

They come in various styles, and you can opt for whatever suits your taste, without compromising on what your room demands. Both the floor as well as the table lamps look extremely exquisite, and are wonderful ways of providing light to the room in style.

Furniture leg hardware

Upholster your chairs and footstools with a new set of stylish legs and feel the difference yourself! Get those new carved wooden feet, or something stylish in brass. Get them in style and color to match with the test of the furniture and of course to go with the room theme you have. Make sure you get them placed well, so that they look like the part of the original furniture piece.

The trim

Like a continuation of the previous suggestion, use this trick to accessorize the furniture a bit further into the glamour feel. For instance, on a leather style of a footrest, you can try using brass tracks, as you are upholstering them. Brass has been a wonderful thing to use in furnishings since the ancient times. They look great and classy, especially if they go well with the overall room décor. However, one setback with them is that they require lots of cleaning and polishing. Getting furniture tracks of chrome or in black enamel for matching with the new feet is a smart way to add to the new look.

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