Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Kitchen Design Electrolux chose for the kitchen of the family Mancini the dishwasher High Techno line panel, which offers excellent performance to meet every need of washing. Kitchen Interior Kitchen Interior Performance is guaranteed by its technological solutions of all models in the range Techno High: Class A energy efficiency class A Cleaning performance class A for drying performance and noise increased by 60 percent The dishwasher was attached to the furnace panel line, which offers the program ideal for cooking any dish easily selectable with digital display, thanks to electronic control can achieve and maintain continuity with the set temperature in order to achieve the best results cooking with minimum energy consumption. Clean design and essential forms and rigorous attention to detail. Typical features of the oven and dishwasher multinove High Techna, both line framework to ensure a perfect match aesthetic ideal for most kitchens today. Elegant Kitchen Elegant Kitchen Among the products included in the family kitchen Electrolyze Marconi, the innovative integrated Springs 4, consisting of the mixer and a plant, in a compact, specially designed for easy insertion sink.Design Modern Homes Design Big Kitchen Big Kitchen Springs, in addition to deliver and mix the hot and cold water like a normal tap, it is mainly an innovative center for the treatment of potable water that is micro-filtered, chilled and effervescent performance.

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