Living Room Sofa Design


Sofa Design

Each room expresses curiosity and taste by Paola Navone for nomadic living and contemporary creation, and carries the charms which have driven the three collections in the house Gray – Gray Ghost and InOut.Modular Furniture Luxury Homes Luxury Apartment


New Sofa

The new products of the Gray collection, previewed the exhibition, are in perfect harmony with the genius loci. Have a canopy bed wood plain and simple by design, particularly the inclination of the uprights, and a walnut bed with headboard rods.Charming Classic Kitchen Design Minimalist Bed For Modern Bedroom Modern Furniture Design


Luxury Sofa

Gray House traditions and different materials come together in a pleasant mix of influences. It is magic, where Paola Navone is a teacher, to grant the contrary, mixing genres. Past and present. Simplicity and decorum. Natural colors and rich colors, loaded with energy.Bathroom Decorating Modern Interior Design Modern Living Room Furniture


Elegant Sofa

The kennel Pluto is made of polyurethane and has a soft cushion padding, quilting and double face, characteristics that are equally cushion Molly.Outdoor patio design furniture Patio furniture design Modern outdoor furniture design


Coffe Table

A coffee table size with key shaped legs, and a new version of poltoncina Gray 24 with the padded seat and dressed with new fabrics, colors that blend acid and natural dyes to compose freely.Living Room Sofa Pool Designs Childrens Bedroom Furniture


Modern Sofa

The range of accessories including removable covers from 2008 two new original and interesting: the kennel Pluto and the cushion Molly, both suitable for both dogs and cats. In practice there are two small “salons“.Luxury outdoor furniture design Luxury outdoor area decoration Modern Interiors Design

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